Helllooo WordPress.

I was previously another blog and became inactive with final year deadlines and applying for my PGCE and everything else that came in between.

Since my last post I have;

  • Graduated from my BA English with creative writing.
  • Began my PGCE Primary.
  • Began my placement in a primary school, year 2 classroom.
  • Broke up with my now (Ex).
  • Been working on my masters level project on how social class can affect learner identity in the classroom.


So, for now I have made a small checklist for my life’s current to do list. Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 20.29.20.png

So far I’ve only accomplished the first one properly, but I have begun writing more and I am excited to start posting it. Along with my journey, I will be posting bits of my writing, my thoughts on my teacher training and any other things that take my fancy for writing. I hope you enjoy my word vomit and thoughts on teacher training.


Yours faithfully,



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