Should vegans abstain from… drugs?

Vegans believe in not indulging in a lifestyle that affects the lives of animals- be it eating meat, wearing leather or fur or even drinking milk which the animal does not need to be killed to produce. Yet, a lot of vegans I know spend their spare time smoking cannabis or doing cocaine? Yes, it’s their own choice I’m not going to judge them for that, most people have dabbled in drug use at some point in their life, but this isn’t the problem. The problem is the effect of producing these drugs is having on animals and the environment which these people spend all week defending to then go and support at the weekend even though it is inadvertently. Also, unless you’ve grown and cut the product yourself you do not know what it’s cut with. Some cocaine has been found to have lactose mixed in with it…

My thought is, these people want to save the animals but then provide them dangerous environments to live in that end up killing them anyway so why bother?

A lot of people argue that because cannabis comes from hemp which is a plant that does have environmental advantages- there are many ways it is bad for the environment. For example, a lot of cannabis growers grow indoors due to the drug still being illegal and the amount of electricity this involves is horrendous. Each plant takes nearly two dishwasher loads of electricity PER DAY. Think of all the fossil fuels polluting the air for this?

And outside growers although better in a way, still have harmful effects on the environment. Most of the time weed and cocaine has to be cultivated away from heavily populated areas and this is mainly in areas where there are endangered animals and plenty of natural resources. Cocaine contributes to one of the largest deforestation’s Columbia has ever seen- and we all know deforestation leads to plenty of pain for animals- losing their homes and even themselves being killed in the process.

Below I have posted a few links from various sources over the last few years if anyone wishes to look into it more. I just wondered what other people thought about this?

Personally, I don’t think I can be criticised for eating cheese if you’re contributing to the deaths of animals and destruction of the environment.



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Environmental Impacts of Cannabis

Marijuana’s hidden price

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