Creative Writing- Worthless


Warmth spread from fingertips to toes,
on all those nights I was full of woes.
Your hand reached out to me and held
me until I felt complete.

But now; I see the way you roll your eyes,
with every utterance I make.
I see you shake your head,
at every step that I take.

When you tell people I’m yours,
I know you feel shame.
When people ask what you love,
I know you don’t say my name.

Just like with my family
and all of my friends
I know you want to leave me,
I know you want this to end.

I’m sorry I can’t be perfect,
I’m sorry I’m not what you need.
However, I did try to warn you,
you just didn’t take heed.

The way your lips spread into that smile
it made me feel comfortable for a while.
But one day you let me slip free,
you decided I wasn’t worth the trouble.


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