Me- Creative Writing




I come from silence,
Like the unspoken words between separated parents
at their child’s birthday.


I come from a piece of art
Drained of all colour, lines washed away
Until nothing else remained.


I come from your darkest fears,
From the hatred that warms you from within
From your love.


I come from the shadows
Of whispers of stories
Once told with hope.


I come from hell.
I come from within.





I am the fears that hold you tight.
That grip you and consume you
In the dead of night.


I am the smoke that fills your chest
Taking your breath.
I’ll separate you from the rest.


I am the storm pulling you under
and into my chaos.
Making you feel my thunder.


Ill tempt you in with red lips.
Soft words and promises
With a deadly shake of my hips.


You’ll feel like you’re finally safe
And then I’ll drag you down
Into my dark place.




You’re going to regret it all
Every false promise
Every f***ing wall you put up against me.


You’ll be falling at my feet
Telling me all the things
That are now all too late to hear.


Every hand you raised against me
I will rise back twice as hard
And let you feel my pain.


Your lungs are going to overflow
Gasping back for the breath
You lost when I walked away.


You’re going to know
The pain you put me through.


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