Who killed Tupac?

I’m going to talk about two iconic figures in the music scene, Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace aka 2pac and The Notorious B.I.G. The official story is that they were both murdered as part of the West Coast and East Coast war. Both shot to death. Here’s what me and countless others think

Suge Knight is behind both murders and I’m going to give you reasons why (that extend past the fact he is an EVIL person.)

  • First of all, if you’ve not watched the documentary Tupac and Biggie on Netflix I’d suggest doing that as soon as you get the chance. Even if you don’t have an interest in them personally, it’s interesting to watch the lead investigator look at multiple sources.
  • Right, so Biggie was murdered six months after Tupac was murdered in the same way through a shooting. Christopher Wallace otherwise known as The Notorious B.I.G’s mother tried to sue the LAPD based on the theory that they tried to cover up the death of her son in 2006.
  • After the case had been reopened the detective assigned to it did some digging and eventually found that the two deaths were related.
  • Tupac was about to leave Death Row Records, he had completed his final album that he was obligated to do and was going to change labels. Suge did not like this as Tupac had bought in a lot of revenue for the label, and Suge had paid for his bail out of jail years earlier on the agreement that he signed for Death Row. So, he wouldn’t have been happy at the fact Pac wanted to leave.
  • Tupac and Biggie had once been close friends, who due to a multitude of events drifted apart. Biggie did not approve of the crowd Pac was associating himself with the wrong crowd and eventually, they became enemies.
  • This beef between Tupac and Biggie was strengthened between them being signed for opposing labels. Biggie was signed to Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Records whilst Pac was signed to Death Row with Suge Knight.
  • The fact there was this mounting hatred between the two sides makes it possible that Biggie was only murdered after Pac to make the public believe it was a West Coast vs East Coast gang shooting that had happened naturally and not been manufactured.
  • Tupac died when he was hit by bullets whilst riding in a car with Suge Knight in Vegas, being hit by four bullets himself, whereas Suge was only hit by fragmentation? A random shooting at a small space, yet only one person was hit properly of the two passengers? Seems suspicious, no?
  • Biggie in his murder, was also shot by bullets in a car, a seemingly random shooting. It feels like we’ve seen this scene before.
  • Suge Knight would benefit from killing Biggie as well as it effectively killed off the opposition to Death Row Records.
  • Overall, I feel like Biggie and Pac were both murdered by Suge Knight, not physically but he manufactured their murders.

There are many articles on this online, many documentaries released, and if you find conspiracy theories or the rap scene interesting or even investigative documentaries this is worth looking into.


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